Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has been busy for the past few months clearing up the city's roads, as well as straightening out the notorious 'Blue Boys' of the Traffic and Parking Management Office (TPMO).

After removing the quota system, as well as ordering the retraining of its traffic encforcers, Sotto recently deployed 190 enforcers equipped with body cams. According to the 30-year old elected official, the body cams will serve as a deterrent for erring enforcers. He added that this will greatly reduce those that extort from motorists, as well as monitor enforcers that are not doing their job during heavy traffic.

Sotto deploys 190 Pasig City traffic enforcers equipped with body cams image

“Our deployment of 190 traffic enforcers with body cams should help us minimize this. Let us add more in the future,” said Sotto.

Moreover, the city govenrment continues to train and re-train enforcers as well as file cases against those that have been caught engaging in shady practices. Sotto stated that enforcers that continue to do the right thing will be protected and that they need not be afraid of losing their posts, or be scared when shown a calling card by anyone.

Sotto deploys 190 Pasig City traffic enforcers equipped with body cams image

In review, Sotto ordered the retraining of all its traffic enforcers due to their perceived notoriety for corruption and taking bribes. Under the new training program, the enforcers have been coached and guided accordingly to learn more about traffic rules & regulations, as well as properly conversing with motorists.

In the new program, any enforcer that shows good performance will become permanent members of the TPMO. Those that will not be able to improve their performance and continue to be corrupt will be fired. The effectivity of the local government's plans have yet to be seen, but thus far, it looks to be a good start.