The government of South Korea has accused Nissan Motor Company of emissions tampering and wants to impose a heavy fine and recall U.K-built Qashqai diesel models sold in the country. The country's environmental ministry claims that the automaker is using a defeat device in the said crossover, an allegation Nissan denies.

South Korea's environmental ministry says it will impose a $279,920 fine on Nissan on top of a recall that involves 814 Qashqais. In addition, the ministry is planning to file a complaint against Takehiko Kikuchi, the president of Nissan Korea. Nissan has 100 days to file a motion to dispute the allegations made by the South Korean government.

Nissan has since issued a statement regarding the matter. "Nissan has not and does not employ illegal defeat or cheat devices in any of the cars that we make. Following stringent testing and using similar standards to the Korean tests, EU authorities have concluded that Nissan vehicles they tested used no illegal defeat device," says Nissan.

Further investigations are being made at the time of writing.