Most pickups, SUVs, vans, and MPVs have their spare tires located underneath the vehicle to increase interior space and for manufacturers to save on the additional cost of having a tire carrier for SUVs. The spare tire is usually mounted underneath the rear under tray and fastened with a metal plate holding the hub attached to a chain. The fastener is easily accessible via a 'keyhole' with a metal rod to lower or raise the spare. Due to its easy access, these spare tires are usually stolen and go undetected until you get into a flat tire situation and need to change your tire.

Many unscrupulous individuals and syndicated groups have managed to prey on unsuspecting vehicle owners to steal their spare tires. These are then sold in shady second-hand wheel and tire dealers where sometimes the vehicle owner even gets to buy the exact spare that was stolen from their vehicle. Some vehicle owners have used vehicle chain locks to secure their spares, but this has not prevented more 'resourceful' thieves who bring bolt cutters to do away with the chain locks.

Spare Tire Lock

Ride Off-Road, a Pick-up and SUV accessory retailer has recently introduced a new solution to this problem with their heavy duty Spare Tire Lock. The lock operates like a padlock for your wheel and is fastened to one of the wheel holes. Installation time for the lock is around 20-30 minutes. It retails for PhP2200, inclusive of installation.

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