The legend that was Ayrton Senna continues to live on in spite of his untimely death back in 1994. To this day, he is revered by many as being one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever. McLaren even went on and built a limited-run track weapon that bears his name and was puropose-built for one thing, making quick lap times.

Recently however, McLaren unleashed a specially-built P1 GTR that wears Senna's winning colors from his early days in Formula 1. Finished in the iconic Rocket Red and White Anniversary paint finish, the unique McLaren P1 GTR pays homage to the legendary Marlboro MP4/4 that drove Senna to the his first three Formula 1 championships. In addition, the unique creation celebrates Senna's 30th anniversary of securing his maiden Formula 1 championship.

McLaren Senna P1 GTR

Commissioned by a McLaren collector who was inspired by Senna's feats from a young age, they wanted to make a fitting tribute for the late Brazilian racing driver's skill on the track. To make this possible, the collector worked closely alongside McLaren Special Operations (MSO) for three years and personally oversaw every detail on the unique build.

As mentioned earlier, every section of the P1 GTR is painted in the core colors of Senna's personal Formula 1 car that carried him to victory in 1988, 1990 and 1991. It also gets the 'Senna' brand trademark on the front splitter, air intake and on each door. MSO even incorporated the Brazilian flag, Senna's race number '12' in 1988, along with the bar code used in lieu of Marlboro for advertising restrictions. In total, over 800 hours of work was poured in making the P1 GTR's distinct paint finish.

McLaren Senna P1 GTR

Apart from that, the P1 GTR also underwent external modifications which are aimed at making the most out of the high-performance track car. It now has new front dive planes, a wider front splitter, a Gurney flap at the rear for better airflow along the sides of the car, and a much bigger rear wing. The result is an increase in downforce that is rated at 800 kg.

Under the hood, the hybrid powerplant was upgraded to produce more power than the stock 800 PS with 800 Nm of torque. McLaren did not mention as to how much power it produces, but the owner did mention that it has a 'suitably pleasing increase in power'. Beyond that, the engine bay itself was also given a once over as it now comes with a 24-karat gold heatshield, Lexan rear engine cover, and modified engine bay shrouds.

McLaren Senna P1 GTR

Not forgetting about the interior, MSO installed an Alcantara-wrapped racing wheel that is accompanied by 'Senna' branding on the dashboard. Lightweight racing-style seats were also put in the P1 GTR and comes with a matchin racing helmet that is painted in the same exterior livery.

With such a fitting tribute for Ayrton Senna, the owner of the special P1 GTR decided to christen the P1 GTR with the name 'Beco' (with the full blessing of the Senna family). For those not in the know, Beco is the Ayrton's nickname that was given to him by his parents.