Last year, Land Rover revealed a very special edition of the great Range Rover.

Called the Fifty, this special variant was to be a commemoration of five decades of the Range Rover; a vehicle that truly defined the off-road 4x4 SUV (or estate car as they call it in the UK). The Range Rover Fifty had a variety of visual and luxury enhancements such as different wheels and classic color combinations with contrasting color trim.

The interior was likewise enhanced with distinct color combinations for the leather and the trim pieces. Perhaps the most unique of the changes is the presence of the word “Fifty” all around the vehicle. Land Rover put Fifty in cursive script on the headrests, the scuff plates, the dashboard, and even a special limited edition plate on the center console. They only designated 1,970 units of it to commemorate the year it was introduced.

Range Rover Fifty PH image

Here's the strange thing though: the Range Rover Fifty is actually listed on the Land Rover Philippines website. We confirmed it with Chris Ward, the president of All British Cars (the company responsible for JLR here), and he said that they did offer the model to a select list of clients. The model was also an indent order, not a model they tried to have a stock for.

“We looked at the spec uplift vs price and the tax rate here made the vehicle a hefty price tag for the additional feature content,” said Chris Ward of Jaguar Land Rover Philippines. “We reached out to certain clients specifically who might want this limited-run vehicle.”

Range Rover Fifty PH image

What Chris is talking about is the standard practice in the local luxury auto sector when it comes to limited or special models. It is quite rare for an official importer, distributor, or dealer to have stock of special edition units at their showrooms because of the price and the risk that the units might not be sold for a while, or even at all.

That was the case for the Range Rover Fifty. But even when they offered it to their customers, there were no takers.

“All production is sold now and none destined for here,” continued Ward. “From memory, it would have been nudging 15-M.”

That hypothetical SRP would have been significantly more than the Range Rover Vogue 3.0 that is currently being offered by Land Rover. The price of the non-special edition model is PHP 12,490,000.

So if you somehow spot a Range Rover Fifty on local roads, you're looking at one of 1,970 units worldwide. It also would have come from the gray market and not the official dealer.