Motor Image Pilipinas Inc. (MIPI) announces the launch of its special service campaign featuring a free 28-point check-up for all Subaru vehicles. The new Subaru Center in Greenhills will be offering a 28-point check-up that will offer a thorough analysis and recommendation for all Subaru models in the country. The special service campaign is a complimentary treat by Motor Image in its effort to welcome back all Subaru owners in the country.

The Subaru Center in Greenhills is offering all Subaru owners, regardless of model type and year, a free 28-point check-up that will cover the basic maintenance points of their vehicles from the engine to bodywork. The owner can also road test their vehicles together with the Subaru service technicians for performance related concerns. The expected influx of Subaru vehicles during the campaign will generate the information necessary for Motor Image to determine the parts that will be ordered and shipped to the country at the soonest possible time.

The Subaru Center in Greenhills is regarded as one of the newest and most advanced auto dealer and service facility in country with its state-of-the art equipments and tools. MIPI has ensured that the varying needs of Subaru owners are met by bringing in not only the latest service equipments but the sufficient supply of genuine Subaru parts as well. Owners of Subaru vehicles, regardless of model type and year, are assured that only genuine spare parts will be used on their vehicles. The continuous and on-time supply of these parts are made possible with the establishment of Motor Image's parts network supply and delivery within Asia.

Highly-skilled Subaru service technicians are ready to handle all service concerns and requirements from customers. All technicians have been trained under the watchful eyes of the instructors from Motor Image Enterprises in Singapore and engineers from Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan who were all flown in to ensure the highest quality of service skills Subaru has become famous for.

Subaru has become famous worldwide not only for the technology and performance of its vehicles but also for the whole customer experience of an encounter with any of its staff from the sales consultant to the service advisor and even from the security guards. Unlike others, each customer is immediately given a premium treatment the moment he drives up in the parking area. New vehicle buyers can expect nothing but the most professional, transparent and attentive sales consultants in the auto industry today. Service customers, on the other hand, are assured of honest, professional and able service and parts advisors trained to assist them in any of their needs.

Motor Image is inviting all enthusiasts as well as those who are new to the brand to visit the Subaru Center in Greenhills EDSA. All visitors are sure to experience why Subaru has been loved worldwide and how it will soon create the same passionate followers in the Philippine market.