We've known for some time now that McLaren is working on a successor to the infamous F1 supercar of the 90s. No, it was not the P1 nor is it the Senna. Instead, the previously codenamed BP23 hypercar would be the spiritual successor of the F1. While BP23 may sound like a nice name, the next Ultimate Series McLaren will be known as Speedtail.

As per the name itself, the 'hyper-gt' will be focused on speed itself. In fact, McLaren claims that it will eclipse the F1's previous top speed of 391 km/h, making it the fastest vehicle to ever come out of the Woking-based factory. Unlike the Senna which debuted last year however, the Speedtail will not be track-oriented. Instead, it will be more of a luxurious grand tourer with huge performance capabilities.

No details have been released regarding the Speedtail just yet. What we do have is a sketch previewing the Speedtail's sleek silhouette. Combined with the earlier teasers showing its three-seat layout, it leaves us to our imaginations as to what the finished model will look like. McLaren has not detailed as well what powerunit will be used in the Speedtail in order to reach speeds above 391km/h.

The McLaren Speedtail will be limited to 106 units, exactly the same number of F1's built. Much like the Senna however, all 106 units have already been sold out; this was even before the car was officially announed earlier this year. It will have an almost unlimited amount of customizations options as well thanks to McLaren's Special Operations Divison (MSO).

The Speedtail is expected to debut later this year.