Planning to spice up the looks of your Isuzu mu-X or D-Max? Why not visit the Isuzu dealership near you instead. Isuzu Philippines Corporation is now offering genuine Isuzu accessories for one's beloved vehicle to further improve its styling and even add extra protection to their vehicles. Furthermore, these being Isuzu geniune parts, it all comes with a dealer warranty and will not void your vehicle's warranty as well unlike most aftermarket parts.

Spice up your Isuzu mu-X, D-Max with new genuine accessories

Rather than going to the mall or aftermarket stores to buy accessories, Isuzu vehicle owners may now do so straight from the dealership. This ensures that all parts fitted are geniune Isuzu and will perfectly fit the vehicles. These parts not only comply with safety and reliablity standards, but also comes with a 1-year warranty. Given the amount of fake parts going around the market, this can give owners a peace of mind with having geniune parts installed.

Beginning with the mu-X, owners may opt to have their SUVs fitted with the following parts: a Bull Bar; Tonneau Cover and Organizer Box; Illuminated Rocker Plate; and Door handle trim, over fender, and fog ring chrome. As for Isuzu's pickup, the D-Max, it may be fitted with a Side Bar, Nudge Bar, Sports Bar, and Roof rail, head lamp garnish and skirt set.

Spice up your Isuzu mu-X, D-Max with new genuine accessories

These accessories may already be fitted on your brand new D-Max and mu-X even before rolling out of the dealership. Happen to own one already? No worries as you can still drive it to the nearest Isuzu dealership have these accessories fitted. To ensure that these parts fit perfectly, they will be fitted and installed by Isuzu-trained technicians in all Isuzu dealerships nationwide.

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