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Spied: 'Wingless' Porsche 911 GT3 spotted at the Nurburgring


Porsche seen testing rumored limited-run 911 Sport Classic

The Stuttgart-based automaker was seen yet again at the Nurburgring with what looked to be a unique 911. According to our spies, Porsche was apparently testing a 911 GT3 that has no rear wing. This comes as a surprise as every previous 911 GT3 has a large rear wing that helps provide extra downforce during high speeds.

For all we know, this could become the basis of a special edition 911. Our insiders think this may be the rumored Sport Classic, a bespoke 991 GT3 that will pay tribute to cars of old. It will have the running gear and powertrain of the standard GT3, along with a retro-themed exterior.


Telltale signs that the car is indeed a 911 GT3 include its distnct front bumper and grill, matte-black finished alloy wheels and its unique rear valence and centrally-mounted exhaust pipes.

Since it's highly likely based off the 2017 911 GT3, the purported Sport Classic prototype will most likely be powered by the new 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat-six. It produces 507 PS with 460 Nm of torque and can be connected to either a manual or PDK (dual-clutch) transmission.

There are no other details yet about the rumored 911 Sport Classic, except that this particular prototype could become a limited-run model much like the 911 R.

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