Seven months have passed since Renault unveiled which sees Alpine's revival for the 21st century. Called the Alpine Vision, that concept also pays tribute to one of the marque's iconic cars, the A110. As its launch date draws nearer, our spies have captured a disguised example of Alpine's latest sports car. 

Renault Alpine production car

During the concept's unveiling at a special event in Monaco, Renault executives said that the Alpine Vision concept is “80%” of the car that will soon be in production. These photos reveal that the production car follows closely to the concept's general shape with its round headlights, door mounted mirrors, swooping roof line and wraparound rear windshield.

Renault Alpine sports car nears production

With the Alpine revival well underway, the upcoming Alpine will be the brands first car in over 20 years. Alpine first made cars in 1955 and was acquired by Renault in 1973. Aside from the A110, the latest car which it draws inspiration from, the Renault-Alpine alliance saw the production of the A310, GTA and A610. The company then ceased operations in 1995 and was idle for almost 20 years.

Renault Alpine revival

While yet to receive an official name, initial reports suggest that the Alpine sports car will be called the AS1. Alpine dubbed its concept as a “high-performance, elegant, lightweight car dedicated to driving pleasure in its very purest form”. Once in production, it will go head to head with the likes of the Lotus Elise, Porsche Cayman and other sports cars and sports coupes.

Renault Alpine latest car takes cues from Vision Concept

Like the A110, the yet to be named sports car is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive small coupe. As for its powertrain, there is no official word just yet but it may use Renault Sport's 1.6 liter turbocharged engine as seen in the Clio RS. Our spies suggest that it will have about 250 PS from the said four-cylinder turbo engine.