The liftback version of the BMW 5 Series GT returns for another generation and our spies have captured it testing on public roads. For the first time, more of its exterior has been uncovered, as well as parts of its interior.

2017 BMW 5 Series GT front

For the second-generation model, the 5 GT sports a sleeker and longer body compared to its more upright predecessor. Taking a closer look at the car, the front fascia is shared from the sedan and wagon unlike the current model which comes with its own unique treatment.  

2017 BMW 5 Series GT side

On to its side, the window line appears higher than the sedan and wagon, a characteristic also seen on the current 5 GT. Its roofline is now sleeker as it sweeps down more noticeably than the F07 (current model). At the back, there is a false panel but expect a fastback shape with a small trunk lip. What can be seen is a unique pair of tail lights that separate it from its more conventional siblings.

2017 BMW 5 Series GT interior

A quick look inside reveals a steering wheel similar to the flagship 7 Series. The model seen here has another false panel that hides a large section of the instrument panel but it appears that this test car is equipped with an LCD screen to serve as the car's information display. Also seen is BMW's electro-mechanical gear selector and an electronic parking brake. Once the car is fully revealed, it is possible that the 5 GT will have a similar center console layout as the 7 Series.  

2017 BMW 5 Series GT rear quarter

At the moment, its engine range remains unknown but will more than likely feature BMW's lineup of recently update EfficientDynamics powertrains. These include a turbocharged four, six and eight cylinder gas engines as well as inline four and straight six turbodiesels. With the present 5 GT never being offered with a manual transmission, this new model may follow suit with the lone option being an eight-speed automatic by ZF. All-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid model are also seen in the pipeline.