Spied: 2017 Civic Type R is already in for some changes

Spied: 2017 Civic Type R is already in for some changes image

Aurick Go / Carpix for | September 06, 2016 15:00

Aggressive kit and turbo powerplant still come standard

While there is plenty of word about the 10th generation Honda Civic – as well as its upcoming hatchback version – it begs the question of why the new Type R’s look is somewhat of a far departure from the 10th-gen’s. Contrary to its predecessors, it appears the new FK-chassis Type R sports its own body and styling and is a standalone model in itself.

Honda Civic Type R

Should you not be a fan of that FK Type R, our spies may have good news for you: It looks like Honda is making a Type R based on the 10th gen Civic afterall. A prototype Type R was spotted making rounds in Spain for some serious warm climate testing. While the car is draped in full camo, its full front fascia is unmistakably an aggressive version of the 10th gen Civic we’ve all come to know.

Honda Civic Type R

Considering the previous Type Rs came standard with some sort of big wing at the trunk, likely the one spotted on this Type R will be as well. Expect the same 2.0L turbo straight-four from the FK as well as a 6-speed manual to propel this version of the Type R. Rumors have suggested that this version of the R will make 340PS to the front wheels, though these numbers have yet to be confirmed.

Honda Civic Type R

The standard Civic hatchback will make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show in a few weeks, hopefully we’re expecting this version of the Type R to surface as well.