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Spied: 2018 BMW 3 Series gets the M Sport treatment


Next-gen 3 Series spotted in M Sport guise

Spotted back in August, BMW is now doing more work on their perennial best-seller, the 3 Series. To be called the G20, the upcoming 3 Series will be the seventh generation model and is slated for a 2018 release.

The last time spy photos of the G20 3 Series were published, it was well disguised with false panels and tail lights to throw off photographers. This time however, there is less cladding seen on the car. It is also worth noting that the car seen here is the M Sport model. While still heavily covered up, the honeycomb pattern on the front bumper suggests that it is the more sporting version of the D-Segment sedan. The front apron of the car is also lower, just like the ones found in the current F30 3 Series.


On to its side, the window line points upwards towards the high tail. The swirl-theme camouflage hides many body lines but the Hoffmeister Kink is prominent. The false tail lights have been removed from the test car, giving us a better look of the rear section. It follows the pattern of the F30 with a pointed trunk lip and subtle 'flame surfacing'. Being an M Sport model, this particular test car is equipped with a trunk lip spoiler. Looking at BMW's design trend at the moment, it appears that the G20 3 Series will be an evolutionary redesign from the current model.

No interior photos are on hand just yet but our spies were able to snap the prototype's dashboard a few months ago. It is far from the finished product with a makeshift iDrive screen, the center console from the current model and rudimentary aircon vents. Expect the production model to have a dash that patterns itself from the G11/G12 7 Series and the recently introduced G30 5 Series.

The engine lineup may consist of BMW's newest range of EfficientDynamics engines. These include a new three and four cylinder turbocharged gas engine, as well as new turbodiesels. Three, four and six cylinders will be the order of the day for the next-gen 3 Series. It is possible that the six-cylinder engine will be the B58 mill which currently powers the current 340i and 540i.

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