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Spied: 2018 BMW X4 M goes through more testing


BMW to unveil first X4 M by early 2018

We've seen spy shots of the X4 M last month and, more recently, the X3 M raiding the Nurburgring. Our spies have sent us yet another update on the high-performance crossover coupe and some new details have also surfaced.

There is now a clearer view of the enlarged front air intakes, giving it a more sporting and aggressive character. At the same time, we now see that the X4 M employes side mounted intercoolers which peek through the corner intakes. It also appears that it will get some form adaptive cruise control function, as seen by a sensor at the lower half of the bumper.


Curiously, this particular test car sports a different wheel and tire combination. The old car shod Bridgestone tires while the new one comes with Michelins, presumably a set of Pilot Sport 4s. This set on the test car appears to be wider than those on the older test unit. Also, the pair of mismatched rims hint some of its wheel options one the car is out in the market. This being an M car, cross-drilled brakes are present on all four corners.

Moving to the rear, the X4 M gets a set of large, quad exhaust tips, and prominent lip spoilers on two parts of the rear hatch. With the X4 getting re-engineered by the M Division, it is upright sibling, the X3 also gets the same treatment. The 2018 BMW X4 M has also been christened with the chassis code F98.

As mentioned before, our spies say that it will be a new engine dubbed the S58. The straight-six engine is boosted by two turbochargers with power output is pegged at 450 PS. xDrive all-wheel drive will be standard and likely to have been recalibrated for the car's purpose.

The 2018 BMW X4 M is set to make its public debut during the first half of next year.

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