The last time Chevrolet rolled out a Corvette ZR1 was from the previous generation C6. With a supercharged LS9 V8 and carbon fiber body panels, it was one of the most powerful and lightest production Corvettes to date. Now it appears Chevrolet is continuing the tradition of making high-performance Corvettes after our spies managed to take new pictures of the rumored C7 ZR1.

The rear of the supposed C7 ZR1

Immediately apparent on the test mule are what appear to be larger mounts for the rear spoiler. This could mean that the new ZR1 will be able to generate more downforce than the previous ZR1. Moreover, one can actually see a very long item inside the car which could be the spoiler itself or new rocker panels.

An upclose shot of the C7 ZR1's rear

The front fascia is still heavily camouflaged but the test mule does have large air vents on both corners, along with a power bulge on the hood. The former could indicate that the new ZR1 could be driven by a turbocharged V8, replacing the old supercharger system.

Side profile of the rumored C7 ZR1

Meanwhile, the doors appear to be unfinished and could be made from carbon fiber. The previous C6 ZR1 had carbon fiber components; specifically the roof, hood, fenders, front splitter and rocker moldings.

Front fascia of the supposed C7 ZR1

In terms of powertrain, the next-generation ZR1 could be driven by a twin-turbo LT5 V8. With large air vents up front, this could mean that the ZR1 could be fitted with dual intercoolers. Strangely however, this test mule has red brake calipers which is noticeably different from the previous ZR1 which had blue calipers. Traditionally, ZR1 Corvettes have blue brake calipers as a way to differentiate it from other models.