Spied: 2018 London Taxi goes out for winter testing


Yes, Taxis need to be tested too

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a good century, you’ll know that the black Taxi Cab has become synonymous with the capital of England. The Hackney Carriage has become such an icon to the point that no photo of London can ever look convincing without at least one cab in the background.

With the motorized London Taxi having been around since the start of the 20th century, it’s about high time that these vehicles receive a major revision. At least, the London Taxi Company seems to think so, as they’re currently developing the next generation of cabs for the city – and it appears this time they’ll be going full electric.

Our spies have identified this camouflaged – albeit distinguishably shaped – London Taxi testing on a frozen lake out in Sweden. Having been shown as a concept last year, the London Taxi was supposedly thought to be powered via a plug-in hybrid. Instead, it looks like it will run on full electric with range extenders much like that of the BMW i3.

The London Taxi Cabs will make its reveal in late 2017 and will begin plying the streets of London sometime in 2018.

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