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Spied: 2018 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe sports a new front end


Mercedes-AMG gives the C63 Coupe an update for next year

Mercedes-AMG has been working non-stop to reveal new and updated cars to their range. This time, it's the C63 Coupe that will get tweaks for next year and our spies have caught the revamped model doing laps around the Nurburgring. 

With its well hidden front fascia, it's safe to say that the new C63 Coupe will sport a new look, particularly in the grill and bumper area. It is likely that the bumper will see a more aggressive look with redesigned corner air intakes while the grill may sport the 'Panamerica' look as seen on current top-end AMG cars and crossovers. A closer look also reveals new LED clusters on the headlights. 


The sides of the high-performance coupe carries over unchanged but there are minor tweaks at the back. These changes are mostly focused on the lower half of the bumper. While little detail is seen, it is possible that it may get a redesigned integrated diffuser, along with minor styling retouches. The tail lights and the trunk are unchanged from the current C63 Coupe.

While there are no interior photos, our spies report that changes have been made to the cabin as well. The infotainment and navigation system get redesigned for next year, and it also gets a new touchpad. They add that the instrument cluster will likely be similar to the optional full-digital display as seen in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Also, expect minor tweaks to the trim and upholstery.

It is yet to be known if the updated model will see upgrades under the hood as well. As it stands, the C63 Coupe uses a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine, a detuned version of the one powering the AMG GT coupe. It produces 476 PS and 650 Nm of torque for its entry-level version while the more powerful C63 S Coupe doles out 510 PS and 700 Nm of torque. 

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