Spied: 2019 BMW 1-series goes front-wheel drive


New drivetrain yields more legroom and cargo space

Yes, we’re cringing at that headline too. With BMW moving the upcoming 1-series onto the new UKL platform, we will likely see the entry-level compact being powered through the front wheels. Much like the 2-series Active Tourer that first used the new platform, the 1-series appears to have grown in girth – possibly yielding more legroom and cargo space in the cabin.

If those big brakes, twin exhausts, and lower ride height are anything to go by, this particular model that our spies have eyed may well be the range-topping M140i. This trim could have the xDrive four-wheel drive system as well as a turbocharged four-cylinder fitted onto it – making the M140i a contender against the Golf R and the Ford Focus RS.

As for the rest of the range, the 1-series will find itself with various engine choices from three to four cylinders and either in diesel or petrol. Plug-in hybrid versions will almost certainly be offered given how the UKL platform currently has options as such. BMW says they’ll be canceling the 3-door hatchback version of the 1-series, leaving us with only the 5-door hatch for the upcoming model.

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