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Spied: 2019 BMW 1-series testing on the Nürburgring


BMW takes the upcoming front-wheel drive 1-series to the 'Ring

With BMW moving to the UKL platform for the upcoming 2019 1-series, it is most certain that the entry-level compact will be powered through the front wheels. This then comes to no surprise as to why BMW seems to have taken the upcoming 1-series to the Nurburgring for performance testing along with a Mini Cooper in tow.

Despite the revised handling characteristics, the 1-series will likely benefit from more space especially for passengers at the rear. It is also expected to have more trunk space for luggage – generally increasing cabin size.


Looking at the prototype seen by our spies, the next-gen 1-series is still heavily clad in camouflage, much like when we first saw it. We do get a glimpse of the new projector headlights, which appear to use LED, though could be swapped out for a different pair on the production model. Despite the black cloth, expect the BMW signature kidney grill at the center, with massive intake vents right below.

Given the size of the brake rotors and caliper, lower ride height and large dual-exit exhaust, the prototype spotted it likely the M140i. Our spies mention that it is likely powered by a four-cylinder turbo engine connected to the xDrive four-wheel-drive system.

As for the rest of the upcoming 1-series line, they will have a wide array of both gasoline and diesel engines, both in three and four-cylinder versions. With the versatility of the new UKL platform, an all-electric version could also spawn. Body wise, our spies mention that the 3-door hatch has likely been canceled, with only the 5-door hatch remaining.  

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