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Spied: 2019 BMW M8 nears its launch date


BMW M8 spied inside and out

It's full steam ahead for the BMW M8 and our spies have snapped the flagship coupe doing hot laps around the Nurburgring. On top of that, they have also taken photos of its interior, giving us a glimpse of its cockpit.

For these batch of photos, there's less camouflage at the front of the car, showing off a bigger, bolder kidney grill. However, this pre-production car is still not using production-spec headlights but do expect a more dynamic interpretation of the signature corona LED daytime running lights. Also exposed is the front-mounted intercooler and a pair of large air intakes on each corner.


The sides meanwhile are still well covered, and so to is the rear end. Do expect it to remain faithful to the 8 Series concept revealed earlier this year, albeit toned down for production. This being the M8, it will come with its own bespoke suspension system, bigger brakes, wider fenders and quarter panels, as well as a specially tuned traction and stability control system.

Inside, the M8 gets a unique gear selector, as well as a host of buttons to adjust its suspension. It is also worth noting that this particular M8 has adaptive cruise control, giving the high-performance coupe some degree of autonomous driving. The steering wheel on the other hand appears to have been lifted from standard BMW models but that may change once the M8 has been officially revealed.

Our spies report that power comes courtesy of the 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V8, as seen in the recently revealed M5. Figures are yet to be confirmed but at is stands, this specially-tuned V8 produces 600 PS and 750 Nm of torque. All-wheel drive is a possibility given that the M5 packs the xDrive system as well.

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