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Spied: 2019 BMW X5 prototype gets laser-powered headlights


Camouflaged next-gen BMW X5 spotted with production headlights

The BMW Group is keen to push through with their plan of releasing 40 new models before the decade ends. In the latest batch of spy photos, our spies have snapped the 2019 X5 giving away more clues to its new look.

Perhaps the most significant detail seen here are its headlights. These units show a different variation of the brand's signature 'corona rings', now more angular and have a c-shaped look to them. Upon closer inspection, one will also see a set of blue elements near the center of the headlights.This hints at laser lights being an option for the upcoming SUV. This feature was first seen in the BMW i8 and has since been an option for the 7 Series. Given that the X5 is equipped with laser headlights, it seems likely that the X7 might get it as an option as well.


Another detail that is now clearer is the grill. It looks like it will have a similar design to the X7 with its larger size. It is possible that it might adapt the X2's 'inverted kidney' design as well. As for the rest of the car, it is still largely covered but the general shape of the 2019 X5 can be seen. There is a rounder rear quarter panel, as well as an upward sweeping window line.

The rear is also heavily covered but there is a glimpse of its tail lights. No longer using false lights, this particular test car comes with LED lights. Do expect it to come with a modern interpretation of the brand's L-shaped tail lights. Also seen is a split in the camouflage cover, suggesting that the X5 will retain its signature split tailgate design. The tailpipes also suggest that this test car might be a gas-powered inline-six turbo.

As for its engines, the range will consist of turbocharged gas and diesel engines, as well s a plug-in hybrid as BMW expands their iPerformance line. The cylinder count ranges from four to eight for gas engines and four to six for diesels. As stated by BMW CEO Harald Krueger, the automaker will continuously develop diesel engines well into the future.  

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