It appears that the upcoming BMW X7, a new flagship sport utility (or is it activity?) vehicle from the German automaker, has moved on to the next phase of testing, and with a new kind of camouflage.

Spied: 2019 BMW X7 could get V12 power

The X7 was previewed as a concept at the Frankfurt auto show this past September. We've known that BMW has been working on it as our spies in Europe had already spotted the new SUV/SAV undergoing testing a few times already. This one, however, appears to be further along the development process.

Despite the camouflage, we can surmise that it's close to being ready, though there are still some plastic external components that are masking some of the details. Some of the more interesting details include the bigger and wider kidney grille set up, one that has an “upside down” look that was seen with the X2 Concept. Industry rumors indicate that the new grille design will be used on all SUV/SAV models of BMW. The front bumper is also different from the X5 to further differentiate the two. The rear doors and rear overhang are also longer to accommodate more space.

Spied: 2019 BMW X7 could get V12 power

The platform the X7 uses is something called CLAR, and it will also be shared with the upcoming X5. Currently the platform is being used in the 7 Series, 5 Series, and is also expected to be used in the next generation 3 Series.

It is expected that the X7 will get a range of 6 and 8 cylinder powerplants in both gasoline and diesel. Rumors also indicate that the X7 will also get a high tech PHEV version and may even get a V12 under the hood.

Spied: 2019 BMW X7 could get V12 power

As stated, the X7 will be a new flagship for the BMW brand to rival the likes of the Land Rover Range Rover and the Mercedes GLS. It is expected that the X7 will be much more luxurious than the X5 to compete against more expensive rivals, and is also expected to have seven seats as standard. The current X5 offers a third row as an option.

The X7 will be produced at BMW's factory in Spartanburg in the United States. Production will commence sometime 2018 for the 2019 model.