During this year's Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG unveiled a sleek, four-door concept dubbed the GT4. It appears that the concept is slowly turning into a road car as our spies have snapped it sporting what could possibly be its production body.

With that in mind, the folks at Mercedes-AMG have probably been preparing the GT4 for quite some time now. Our spies say the AMG GT4 is targeted at the Porsche Panamera, BMW 6 series Gran Coupe and the Audi RS7. Looking at its shape, one can expect the road-going version to remain faithful to the concept car. We do see that the headlights follow the shape of the GT4 concept, along with a distinct LED light signature. However, thick cladding on the test car means a lot of details are still hidden away.

Spied: 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT4 on its first public test

What we do see is the car retaining the concept's dramatic swooping roofline. Also present are the frameless windows, as well as a high window line. While the wheels are still far from their final design, there are large brakes hiding behind the rims, suggesting that the GT4 has some serious stopping power.

Thick false panels hide most of the details at the rear. However, do expect it to get the wide hips seen on the concept model, as well as its six-window design on the side. A closer look at the rear and one can see what appears to be slim tail lights, another bit of design from the concept. Last but not the least are the four exhaust pipes but these may not be the final look. According to our spies, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 rides on MRA platform, which is closely related to the the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Rear quarter of the Mercedes-AMG GT4

As for the engine, it might get a de-tuned version of the concept car's powertrain. That had a V8 motor paired with EQ Power + hybrid technology, currently being tested on the W08 Formula 1 racer. With that combination, Mercedes-AMG says combined output is at 816 PS but it might be a lower figure once production starts. Our spies do say that there might be an entry-level version with a six-cylinder producing around 400 PS.

A closer look at the rear of the Mercedes-AMG GT4

By our spy's estimates, the launch day of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is slated for early 2018.