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Spied: 2019 Toyota Supra up close and personal


A closer look at the fifth-generation Toyota Supra

This is perhaps as close as one can get to the pre-production Toyota Supra. Our spies bravely got close to one of the test cars running all over Europe and took detail shots in the process. With these photos, we are able to see some of the intricate details of Toyota's next flagship sports car.

At the front, it still has thick false panels covering the section of the car but one thing that isn't covered are its air intakes. They are large in size and, judging by the location, remains faithful to the FT-1 Concept. Its headlights meanwhile are cleverly disguised to resemble the 90's Supra. A closer look reveals that there are larger units than the camouflage suggests. The nose of the car also has a thick false panel, perhaps to hide a low hood line.


On to its side, it appears to have clamshell hood, as suggested by a panel gap between the said part and the fender. Looking at the door, there is yet another panel that hides a significant styling detail. The FT-1 Concept featured a duct located at the bottom half of the door and the production Supra may have it as well. It is also noteworthy that the last Supra (JZA80 to enthusiasts) had a similar detail. Another attention-catching detail is the roof, which employs a bubble-top design.

Moving to the rear, the quarter panel is also false, hiding the true shape of the car. It does, however, suggest that it will have a wide stance. Also, the integrated rear spoiler is not a real panel too and if one were to follow the line of the rear windshield, it sweeps down more than the test car suggests. Do expect it to come with a more toned-down ducktail spoiler, just like the old JZA80 Supra. The tail lights meanwhile are also reminiscent of the last-generation Supra. Cuts on the corners of the bumper suggests air outlets.

As previously mentioned, the fifth-generation Toyota Supra is being co-developed with BMW. BMW's take on the Supra will be the Z5 and will be a roadster rather than a hardtop. Last year, the Supra was also filmed doing laps on the Nurburgring and pulling out of the BMW M Performance center at the said race track. Judging by the sound, the Supra is powered by a turbocharged inline-six engine. As to how much input BMW and Toyota had for the engine is currently unknown.  

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