The 2017 Geneva International Motor Show saw Aston Martin officially launch their new sub-brand purely focused on delivering high-performance GT cars, AMR. To show what they're capable of, AMR presented two highly-tuned concepts, the 600 PS Rapide AMR and the more extreme Vantage AMR Pro.

After more than a year, it looks like AMR is indeed busy testing a production version of one of the concepts, particularly the four-door Rapide. Upon first glance, the prototype Rapide AMR appears to look the same as the standard model. However, we do get to see it comes with a slightly modified front bumper and what appears to be newly-installed foglights.

Spied: Aston Martin Rapide AMR

The hood, on the other hand, now appears to be made from lightweight carbon fiber in order to shed more weight. Bigger disc brakes, 21-inch alloy wheels, as well as new side skirts are also present on the prototype Rapide AMR.

Around the back, we see Aston Martin was quite busy changing up the rear of the Rapide AMR. The standard rear bumper has been replaced with what appears to a more aerodynamic apron with an integrated diffuser. Compared to the concept shown last year, it bears a close resemblance with what AMR showed during the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.

Spied: Aston Martin Rapide AMR

All in all, these new exterior additions will most likely help in delivering more downforce at the limit.

Under the hood, the production Rapide AMR will apparently be powered by a souped-up 6.0-liter V12. Compared to the Rapide S which already produces an impressive 552 PS, the one on the Rapide AMR will generate nearly 600 PS just like the original concept. Beside the tuned V12 powerplant, the upcoming Rapide AMR is also expected to benefit from a new quad exhaust system, stickier tires and a tweaked suspension system.

Spied: Aston Martin Rapide AMR

Supposedly, only 210 exapmles of the Rapide AMR will be built. When officially launched, the Rapide AMR will be one of the most exclusive GTs in the world.