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Spied: A closer, inside look at the refreshed BMW 7 Series


BMW 7 Series to receive extensive makeover, new digital gauge cluster

Once again, our spies have caught the facelifted BMW 7 Series undergoing road testing. This time however, it appears the prototype seen here is more production ready and with less camouflage compared to the previous sightings. Our spies also managed to give us a peek of the upcoming 7 Series' interior for the first time.

From the outside, it can be seen that the refreshed 7 Series will sport a larger grill which looks to be active, helping improve aerodynamics. Production headlights, which looks sleeker and boxier than before, have also been fitted on this test mule. Given that this prototype is likely an M760i powered by a V12, expect it to have a larger and more aggressively designed front bumper.


Taking a look from the side, large blue brake calipers as well as a covered V12 badge on the C-pillar further hints at this being the more powerful M760i model. At the rear, we get to see the updated LED taillight albeit still covered in camouflage. The exhaust also has sharper edges to match the overall updated design.

This time, our spies have also managed to provide us with interior photos of the refreshed 7 Series. From the photo, it looks as if most of the cabin remains unchanged. Noticeably, there is a the V12 badge on the center console, reserved for the M760i. What does pique our interest is the new fully digital gauge cluster. Looks familiar? That's because it is essentially the same as the one found in the 8 Series concept.

Apart from the new gauge cluster and exterior makeover, expect the current powertrain lineup to simply be carried over. It is also possible that powertrains will receive upgrades to boost power even further. 

Given that most of the production parts have already been fitted on this prototype, it is possible that the refreshed BMW 7 Series could make its debut sometime later this year as a 2019 model. 

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