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Spied: A closer look at the 2018 BMW M5


BMW's high-performance 5 Series drops more cover

While BMW has yet to announce the official release date of the all-new M5, our spies have sent us photos of the upcoming high-performance sedan with less camouflage. Given that we've seen the standard 5 Series, expect the M5 to have a more aggressive look, as well as subtle M Division details to differentiate it from its lesser-powered siblings.

For this batch of photos, there is now a clearer picture of the 2018 M5's front fascia. Two large air intakes are present at the corners of the bumper. There's also a larger intake by the lower apron, perhaps to provide extra cooling for the engine. It is worth noting that these are different in shape when compared to the M Sport models. The grill is also different, boasting the M Division's signature double slat design.


Expect the next-gen M5 to have a different suspension set up from the standard 5 Series models. This is suggested by the wider fenders at the front and rear. It also appears that the new M5 will ride on a larger rim and tire combination as well. Hiding behind the new alloy wheels are a set of large, cross-drilled brakes. BMW also reshaped the side mirrors for the M5.

At the rear, there is a trunk lip spoiler, as well as four exhaust pipes. The camouflage on the roof suggests that the M5 might come with a carbon-fiber roof as well. Just like the front, the rear bumper has a different design and may well hide an integrated diffuser.

As for it's engine, it will be based on the M550i's block but the folks from the M Division are likely to upgrade it towards the region of 600 PS. A first for the M5 is xDrive all-wheel drive, likely for better power delivery, as well as handling. It has also been reported that the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission has been replaced by an uprated version of the eight-speed automatic seen in other 5 Series models.

Our spies say that the 2018 BMW M5 will make its debut during this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

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