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Spied: All-new Porsche 911 Turbo bares more details


Next-gen Porsche 911 Turbo undergoes cold weather testing

Last month, our spies managed to give a first look at the next-generation Porsche 911 Turbo albeit in the proper 992 Turbo body as previous mules were based of the 991 and standard 992 bodies. Now, our eagle-eyed spies have once again seen the 992 Turbo; this time undergoing extreme cold weather tests in Sweden. In fact, this is the same car that was earlier spotted as they both sport the same licenese plates.

Compared to the first time, not much has changed to the 992 Turbo's exterior. As expected, most of the vehicle is still covered in heavy camouflage. However there are key pieces fitted on this particular prototype that distinguish it from a standard 992. Up front, there is the 992 Turbo's signature double LED strip which also doubles as turn signals.


At the rear, we can see that this mule has a wider track courtesy of wider rear fenders and large rear air intakes. Similar to the front, most of the bumper is still covered in camo with the license plate being fitted awkardly below the taillights. Furthermore, it now sports a fixed rear wing instead of the 991 Turbo's retractable wing.

Keen eyed readers would also have noticed that Porsche has attached a sensor above the roof of the 992 Turbo, which was not seen in the previous spy photos. As to what the sensor does, we can only speculate.

As the current 991 Turbo already pushes out 580 PS, expect the next-gen 992 Turbo to produce more than that. Power is still expected to come from a turbocharged 6-cylinder.

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