Several months ago, our spies managed to snap some photos of what is supposed to be the next-generation Ford Fiesta. The new-generation hatchback gets an exterior makeover and appears to have grown in size. Now it appears that the 2018 Fiesta will still be offered with less doors after our spies were able to take some pictures of the 3-door variant of hatchback.

Side profile of the 2018 3-door Ford Fiesta

Like the bigger 5-door, the heavily camouflaged 3-door hatch also gets the new exterior revisions like the updated grill, new front and rear bumpers, more tapered headlights and horizontal taillights.

Overall, the 2018 Ford Fiesta will likely be more upscale and gain in size after the company introduced the 2016 Ka+ last June as their new A-segment contender.

Rear quarter of the 2018 Ford Fiesta 3-door

The new-generation Fiesta may also get the new SYNC3 touchscreen infotainment system. First applied on the 2017 Escape, the new system will have better smartphone integration, navigation and media streaming.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta 3-Door with tow

In addition, a new line of inline-three and inline-four EcoBoost engines are expected to power the 2018 Fiesta. There is even a rumor going about that there will also be a top-of-the-range RS model of the Fiesta.