Spied: Audi out testing next-gen A1 in winter

Spied: Audi out testing next-gen A1 in winter image

Aurick Go / Carpix for | January 09, 2018 10:53

Shared Volkswagen platform allows for stretched wheelbase on all-new Audi A1

With winter in full swing in the northern hemisphere, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are making the most out of the harsh climate to test and develop their latest offerings. Audi appears to be among those subjecting their products to the cold as our spies have caught a glimpse of the next-gen A1 in full camo.

Spied: Audi A1

One look at the A1 and you’ll immediately see that this model appears somewhat longer than the current version. That’s because the next-gen A1 will be sharing platforms with the VW Polo, allowing for a longer wheelbase that translates to better legroom for the rear bench.

Spied: Audi A1

While the camo doesn’t reveal much in the way of aesthetic pieces, the new headlight and taillight array can be clearly seen in the photos. From the looks of it the A1 has a tri-sectioned DRL surrounding the main beam, while the tail gets a clear turn signal section surrounded by the red position and brake lights

Spied: Audi A1

The standard A1 will likely come with three or four cylinder options, while Audi will obviously expand this model line with S or RS models eventually. Transmission options could possibly be a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual clutch. The next-gen A1 will only be exclusively available in 5-door hatchback guise, it appears the 3-door version will be axed thanks to poor sales for the previous generation.