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Spied: BMW is getting busy with final testing on the new Z4


Final touches make their way into the next-gen BMW Z4 roadster

With the Z4 and the Toyota Supra’s reveal looming upon us, BMW looks to be busy with testing final touches on their version of the car. Our spies have caught the BMW roadster in camouflaged – but production ready – guise as its test drivers were out having lunch.

With only thin camo foil covering the whole body, our spies indicate that no faux plastic panels were on the mule. This means we are already looking at the basic shape of the new Z4. The front fascia – much as it is covered – did not make any effort to hide the new kidney grills that have been a prominent piece of every BMW.


The headlights can be seen in their full shape as well, clearly showing the lines where the lamp bends to follow the bodylines. The mule itself sports a metallic blue shade underneath all the camo, so you can expect at least a decent shade of blue for this model.

One key thing they’ve left without disguise is the Z4’s soft top. While the previous Z4 already had a retractable hardtop, does this mean the next-gen Z4 takes a page off the Miata’s book by ditching heavy equipment to favor weight savings?

We’re very much teased and eager to see the production version of the Z4 and the Toyota Supra, and we may very well get their reveal soon at Geneva this year.

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