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Spied: BMW M8 convertible spotted performance testing on Nurburgring


BMW gives the M8 the open top experience

When BMW discontinued the M6 convertible, that left the Bavarian company without a contender in the top-down grand tourer category. However, it won't be long until they rejoin that class as our spies have caught the M8 convertible anew, this time doing laps around the Nurburgring. With that, the 8 Series lineup will consist of the two-door coupe, the four-door Gran Coupe and the aforementioned drop top.

From the looks of it, there aren't much changes to the front of the car, similar in form to the coupe that has been spied several times already. There's the upswept headlights which feature the signature corona rings which have been on BMWs since 2001. Identifying this as the M8 is the unique grill featuring double slats spaced further away from each other. Hidden are the large corner air intakes needed to cool the engine and braking system.


It does appear to be sporting the production wheels. These multi-spoke wheels are likely to adapt a staggered setup, as with most BMW M cars. The large brakes also peek through the wheels as well. This being a convertible, the window line is flatter than the coupe and Gran Coupe concept and it loses the swept back trunk for a flatter one. It also seems that BMW has completely ditched the metal folding roof mechanism from all their convertibles.

Given the different treatment of the rear end, expect some styling tweaks to that part of the car. Tail lights are likely to follow the form of the coupe and Gran Coupe. Four exhaust pipes mark this as a full-on M car. Lastly, the bumpers will most likely be a unique piece specifically made for the M8.

As it is a large M Car, power is said to be sourced from the M5. That means a twin-turbocharged, 4.4-liter V8 engine. Power is pegged at 600 PS at the least although it is yet to be known if the M8 will adapt the M5's all-wheel drive system which can be turned into rear wheel drive if selected. The BMW M8 convertible is expected to be released by the end of the year.

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