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Spied: BMW prepares 2018 6 Series


More all-new models from BMW coming soon

With competitors releasing all-new models this year, BMW continues to refresh its lineup for years to come. Starting off with the G11/G12 7 Series, BMW keeps its momentum with the recent debut of the 5 Series. It now looks like the 6 Series is up next for a major redesign and our spies have snapped prototypes on the road.

The development of an all-new 6 Series may come as no surprise for some since it is traditionally based on the 5 Series. This means it rides on BMW's OKL modular platform and features a Carbon Core chassis. The Carbon Core is composed of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer, magnesium, aluminum and high-strength steel. With the new chassis it is expected that the all-new 6 Series will be lighter than the current model.


Under the heavy camouflage, one can see that the 2018 6 Series will follow the current design language of BMW. At the front is a larger, wider kidney grill, similar to those in the 7 Series and 5 Series. Unlike the new four door BMWs, the upward sweep of the headlights are more pronounced, perhaps to give the two door a more sporting look. The bumpers are covered in the meantime but will likely adapt a similar design to the 5 Series.

On to its side, it has a sleeker roofline and the window line now points upwards instead of being level with the ground. This being a BMW, the signature Hoffmeister Kink is present. In an effort to hide more exterior details, the test mule comes with a fake tail lights, as well as a false trunklid. It is possible that the rear section of the new 6 Series will be a modern interpretation of the current rear fascia.

While powertrain options have yet to be confirmed, it is likely that it will mirror those of the 5 Series. If one were to stick to tradition, there will likely be no four-cylinder option for the 6 Series. Instead, the lineup will most probably start with a straight six turbocharged engine with a V8 topping the range. A six-cylinder diesels will likely be available for the all-new 6 Series since the current model offers it as well. Plug-in hybrids are unlikely for the 6 Series but with BMW launching the iPerformance brand, there is a slim possibility. 

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