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Spied: BMW takes top off the 8 Series


2019 BMW 8 Series convertible seen for the first time

Even though it's not out in the market yet, it looks like BMW is already expanding the 8 Series range. Our spies have snapped a convertible version of the big GT coupe testing in the show. For these set of photos, most of the false panels have been removed, giving us a clearer look of the car's lines.

By the looks of it, it will remain faithful to the 8 Series concept which was revealed during the second half of 2017. Prominent are the creases on the hood, the bold kidney grill and the slim, upswept headlights. There are hints that this is the M Sport model too with a pair of larger corner air intakes. There honeycomb patter on the center air intake alse suggests that this is the M Sport while a sensor suggests the car will come with adaptive cruise control.


BMW has opted to give the top-down 8 Series a soft top instead of a metal folding roof. That does mean the rear quarters of the car gets a different look. However, it does retain the high window line of the coupe, as well as the (well disguised) character lines. The wheels on the other hand are of the M Sport variety.

It's at the rear is where BMW has hidden a lot of details. It suggests a unique treatment from the coupe and therefore, given its own distinct look. A closer look does show the OLED tail lights, with the technology being first used in the M4 GTS. The lower half of the rear bumper is also covered too but expect an aggressive design for the M Sport and a more rounded off look for the standard variants.

Engines are expected to come in two sizes, namely as an inline-six and a V8. These are more than likely to come from the 7 Series although marginal gains in horsepower are possible. The inline-six engine is shared across the brand's rear-wheel drive lineup with its displacement at 3.0-liters. The V8 on the other hand is a 4.4-liter unit. There is currently no word if the reborn 8 Series will also be available with a V12.

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