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Spied: BMW testing a 600+ horsepower M8 Convertible


Upcoming M8 loses some camo, shows off its big brakes

It looks like the BMW M8, a range-topping convertible for their high performance M Division, is currently undergoing testing near their headquarters in Munich, as these photos show.

The test car itself has lost a little bit more of its camouflage since the last time, giving us a much clearer glimpse of what the M8 will look like when it launches sometime at the end of the year. 


From what we can see BMW has some interesting design cues on the M8 Convertible like the hexagonal angel eye DRLs on the headlamps and the wider kidney grill. There's still a lot of camouflage on the bumper with what looks like a mesh, but it's easy to spot that the lower vents will be large given that is is an M model. There's an unusual looking sensor below the grill and at the top center portion of the windshield; as to what they are, we'll know later on.

The fenders look quite wide; that was expected as they had to accommodate the large wheels and the wide tires. The big cross-drilled brakes are easy to spot, along with the big gold calipers; a giveaway that this is clearly an M model.

There's a bit of cladding that covers up a portion of the rear quarter panels, presumably masking part of the taillights. Also, we can spot that the M8 has a quad pipe exhaust system.

Our spies tell us that the M8 will be powered by a twin turbo V8 motor that will produce 600 to 630 horsepower.

The 8 Series has an interesting history with BMW, and was originally produced from 1989 to 1999. It came with either a V8 or a V12. There was never an M version apart from a prototype, though the V12 850CSi was considered to be an M as M Division did do the tuning.  


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