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Spied: BMW X3 M interior shows subtle, sporty touches


2019 BMW X3 M may get at least 460 PS from new twin-turbo straight-six

The performance crossover market is booming with more even more horsepower being pumped into their practical bodies. BMW was one of the pioneers of the genre and continue that with the upcoming X3 M. Our spies have caught photos of the potent crossover in the past but they have now managed to snap photos of the interior this time around.

But first, the exterior and not much has changed from its past update. This being an M model, it gets more aggressive bumpers, front and rear. Integrated rear diffusers in the rear bumper is also part of the package. Curiously it still comes with mismatched alloy wheels but it's possible that we have seen a glimpse of them when it was testing around the Nurburgring. Then again, the cars are undergoing winter testing so a different set of wheels and tires are in order. We do, however, see its cross-drilled brakes, showing serious performance intentions.


For the first time, the interior has been photographed, albeit hiding a fair amount of detail. Marking this as an M model (and not just a regular M Sport) is the aluminum panel on the dashboard. Also, there's a thicker-rimmer steering wheel present, which puts it in line with other M models. The additional buttons on the steering wheel shows that the X3 M will have adaptive cruise control available. Along with that, the X3 M gets BMW's fully digital cluster as seen in the 7 Series and 5 Series.

Also, there's the unique electro-mechanical gear selector with a different design, further marking it as an M car. A closer look at the center console also shows its dynamic damper modes. Throttle response can also be change with a press of a button. In essence, it gets a lot of the M electronics that will alter its handling characteristics.

This model is a step above the already potent X3 M40i. That means we will see power figures of over 360 PS and 500 Nm of torque. It has been reported that the X3 M will come with a new twin-turbocharged, inline-six engine dubbed the S58. Early estimate are pegging an output of at least 460 PS and well over 500 Nm of torque. If so, the X3 M will have even more power than the M3 and M4.

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