The upcoming roadster that will replace the aging Z4 has been spotted in Sweden. For the first time ever since our spies were able to take photos of it, the Z5 prototype is seen with its top down.

Spied: BMW Z5 prototype seen with its top down

With the soft-top out of the way, we're able to see what appear to be rollover bars though they do not look to be in their final design. We also get to see the folding soft-top neatly stowed away just in front of the trunk.

Rear quarter of the 2018 BMW Z5

It is more or less likely the same car that our spies saw last month as it gets the same body panels, side mirror caps, fake front bumper and grill, and 'reverse' L-shaped taillights. It also has large wheel wells which could mean that the Z5 can accommodate different wheel sizes.

The BMW Z5 and the new Toyota Supra

Seen alongside the BMW Z5 prototype is its Japanese counterpart, the new Supra. Like the Z5, the Supra seen here looks like the same car that was spotted last January. It has less camo and now sports a more distinct face. The rear section, on the other hand, gets a unique set of taillights which are reminscent on the ones used in the Mk IV Supra.

The rear of the new Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 prototype

There is no definite date yet when will the BMW Z5 be revealed but the new Toyota Supra is already slated for a 2019 release.