Almost a year ago, Toyota and Subaru confirmed that there will be an all-new 86/BRZ coming soon. The two automakers made it official when they agreed on a new business and capital alliance that will see the two entities continue working together on different vehicles, including the famed Toyobaru twins.

The thing is, there have been zero sightings of the next-generation compact coupe. We were even wondering if it existed in the first place. But all those doubts have been quelled. For the first time, the all-new BRZ/86 has been spotted in the wild.

This is our first look at what could be the all-new 86/BRZ coupe. It was spotted by Instagram user 'kystify' who sent the footage to YouTuber Matt Maran Motoring. The prototype was said to be seen driving around Ann Arbor, Michigan which is where Toyota Motor North America Research and Development is located.

This could mean one of two things. It is possible that the car spotted was a test mule and it's not in its final body just yet. On the other hand, the car could already be wearing its production skin, and its launch could be just a few months away.

The covers have hidden details about the car's design, but an all-new look is to be expected. The front seems to have a larger air intake, along with what look like elongated headlights with matching LED light signatures. The sides seem to be unchanged although the rear fenders appear more prominent than before. As for the rear, it looks like it will have a Supra-like design thanks to its distinct trunk, and the new taillights.

There is, however, a big question mark over the BRZ/86 engine options. Reports suggest that the 86 and BRZ will use the new FA24 2.4-liter flat-four. If the name engine designation sounds familiar, that's because it's the same block that can be found in the seven-seater Subaru Ascent (to be called Evoltis in PH).

Spied: Could this be the 2021 Toyota 86? image

However, don't expect the engine to be turbocharged like the Evoltis. Toyota and Subaru have decided to keep the coupe's motor naturally-aspirated. The new flat-four is said to make around 220 – 230 PS along with around 240 Nm of torque. Slightly more powerful than the old 2.0-liter, but some might say the new 86/BRZ could do with a bit more. A choice of either a six-speed manual and an automatic transmission will reportedly be available for the all-new Toyobaru twins.

When can we expect Toyota to fully reveal the all-new 86/BRZ? Toyota might just launch it sometime in 2021. Then again, Toyota could show it just before the year ends and introduce it as a 2021 model.

Given how well the 86/BRZ sold in the country, there's a good chance that the second-generation of these sport coupes will land here. As to when, it might be a long wait.