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Spied: Could this be the next-gen Land Rover Discovery Sport?


Next-gen Land Rover Discovery Sport could be hiding under this test mule

The Land Rover Discovery Sport was first introduced back in 2014 with deliveries beginning in 2015. Since then, the SUV has only received minor tweaks for each year with no direct successor seen for now.

Our spies may have encountered an early test mule for the next-generation as evidenced by some details which we'll be showing you below.


From afar, the Discovery Sport prototype photographed here might appear just like any regular test mule passing by. However, looking at the details we can see an awkwardly placed fuel cap which suggests that it will be relocated.

At the rear, there are more signs that the test mule seen here is merely wearing the current-generation Discovery Sport body. The Discovery Sport has a twin-pipe exit exhaust setup, with one pipe on each side. Unlike a standard Discovery Sport, this prototype sports a smaller twin exhaust which exits only to the left.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, no other changes can be seen externally on this Discovery Sport test mule. This is likely because the changes are underneath the vehicle with its new platform. It still wears the current-gen body possibly to shy away prying eyes.

Following normal vehicle model lifecycles, the Discovery Sport will likely see a facelift in 2018 or 2019 before being replaced with an all-new model. For now, this is the only hint we're getting on the possible next-gen Discovery Sport. And if this were indeed a mule for the next-generation model, it could still be a couple years off and won't be ready until 2020 to 2021.  

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