Even though an all-new BMW 1 Series is under development, the folks from Bavaria is giving the current model one last makeover before it makes way for the third-generation. This is first time BMW has updated a model two times before it gets succeeded by a new model.

Spied: Current BMW 1 Series gets another facelift

The current-generation 1 Series was facelifted back in 2014 and gave it a new pair of headlights, tailights, and bumpers. Judging by the photos, this update will not be as extensive as the last one. BMW only covered a slim section of the front fascia, suggesting that the changes are mostly focused on that area. There is also a subtle change to the headlights, perhaps to accommodate LED units.


Spied: Current BMW 1 Series gets another facelift

There are more subtle changes made to the rear of the car. A strip of camouflage around the tail lights hints that these are different units. A closer look sees a re-arranged LED pattern and it is possible that the reverse lights may have been relocated. Another small strip of camouflage can be seen on the rear bumper but the shape is still the same as the model currently being sold.

While there are no interior photos, one can expect an updated iDrive system, along with minor tweaks to the cabin. It is also possible that the 1 Series might get the 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-three seen in the BMW 318i and various Mini Cooper models. As for the all-new model, it will shift to front wheel drive and is expected to debut by 2019.