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Spied: Daylight sheds more details on 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLB


Mercedes-Benz GLB undergoes testing anew, bares more details in daylight

Earlier last week, our spies managed to give us a first glimpse of Mercedes-Benz's upcoming GLB compact SUV. At the time, the photos were taken at night, which helped hide most details of the GLB. Now, our spies have captured the boxy SUV once again undergoing cold weather testing but in daylight. These new set of photos give a better idea as to what the final design of the GLB could look like.

Like previously mentioned, it does appear to take on a more boxy design. In fact, it bares some similarities with the all-new G-Class albeit more angular. Despite the somewhat similar looks however, the GLB is said to be based on the MFA2 platform, which also underpins the A-Class and B-Class. That said, it is possible that the boxy design comes from false panels added to hide the vehicle's final design, especially if one were to take a look at it from the front.


Much like the previous photos, most of the GLB is still covered in camouflage. With daylight shedding more light on the SUV, we do see that there is an opening in the camouflage for the rear glass. This further supports our earlier theory of the car possibly having three-row seating. For now however, don't expect anything to be final as it is likely still early in development.

As the GLB is slated to use the same MFA2 platform, expect the same engine and transmission options to be carried over from the A-Class and B-Class. It is also possible Mercedes-Benz will add a four-wheel drive system on the compact SUV as standard. No word yet as to whether an AMG variant will be available.

No details yet as to when the GLB will make its world premiere. However, our spies did previously hint that it could debut either late 2018 or early 2019.  

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