Spied: Drop top Aston Martin DB11 Volante makes its rounds


Soft top DB11 Volante set to debut in Spring 2018

Apart from the hotter version of the DB11 making its rounds, the soft top version of it is under development as well. The DB11 Volante is making its rounds around the Nürburgring – even proudly announcing its release date thanks to stickers on the doors and bonnet.

Judging from what we’re seeing in photos, the rear section appears to be squared out – likely concealing a refreshed piece of aero or exhaust work for the back. Apart from this, the DB11 Volante sports very minimal camo and hardly any differences from the standard hardtop version.

Just like the DB11 coupe, power will come from a 5.2 liter twin turbo V12 pushing 608PS.

The Volante may shed some camo as its debut in Spring 2018 approaches, but for now we can just wait and see till that time arrives.

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