The cold winter weather may still be in full swing in Europe but that hasn't stopped car manufacturers like Maserati from testing out their prototypes. Recently spotted by our spies playng in the snow is the upcoming Levante GTS, a V8-powered version of Maserati's first-ever crossover.

It was first spotted back in September undergoing hot weather tests as well as being benchmarked against a BMW X5 M. Now it looks like Maserati is checking how will it fare in harsher conditions.  

Spied: Maserati Levante GTS winter

Based on the photos provided, the high-performance crossover still relative looks the same as the previous prototype spotted months ago. Compared to the standard model, the GTS gets larger air intakes and a modified front bumper.

Curious, however, are the camouflage livery placed on the hood, fenders, wheel lip moldings and roofline. Perhaps Maserati will add some exterior trim or additional aerodynamic kit.

Spied: Maserati Levante GTS winter

Still seen, on the other hand, are the lowered ride height, larger disc brakes and exhaust pipes, as well as what appears to be a modified rear bumper. Beyond those, it's hard to tell what other changes Maserati did to the Levante.

Under the hood, the Levante GTS is expected to be powered by a twin-turbo V8 sourced from Ferrari. As it is most likely the same engine that powers the Quattroporte GTS, the Levante GTS could come with over 520 PS. Other upgrades that could be applied on the Levante GTS include a stiffer suspension, larger alloy wheels a sportier exhaust system.

Spied: Maserati Levante GTS winter

The all-new Maserati Levante GTS could make its official debut at this year's Geneva International Motor Show.