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Spied: First glimpse of upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLA


Upcoming Mercedes Benz CLA seen for the first time

Mercedes-Benz is slated to debut the all-new A-Class later this year. So far, the German automaker has already revealed interior photos of their upcoming entry level vehicle. An A-Class sedan is also currently in the works, and might debut at the same time. With the A-Class almost ready for production, it seems as though Mercedes is now busy working on the next-generation CLA as seen by our spies in this batch of photos.

Looking at the photos, it can be seen that the upcoming CLA, already in production body form, looks similar to the upcoming A-Class sedan test mules. What does makes the CLA distinct from the A-Class is the lower, sloping roofline and frameless doors. Apart from that, the CLA seen here is still heavily covered in camouflage.


Up front, there is a lot heavy camouflage and false panels which hide the final design of the CLA. In fact, one can only make out the Mercedes-Benz logo on the front grill. At the back, one is met with more camouflage. It does appear to have a small trunklid spoiler, which could also be another false panel to throw our spies off.  

Inside, expect the same dashboard design to be carried over from the A-Class hatchback. It will likely have the same dual 12.3-inch digital screen layed out in front of the driver. Underneath, it is possible the CLA will use an evolution of the MFA platform, with engine and transmission options being carried over. The same goes for AMG variants of the upcoming CLA.

The A-Class hatchback and sedan are expected to debut sometime later this year. It is also likely the new CLA will be introduced in 2019 with AMG variants  to follow soon after.  

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