No, you're not looking at a hero car that will make an appearance in a Marvel or DC Comics movie. What you're actually seeing is the next-generation Ford Focus Sedan cloaked in a 'comic-inspired' livery.

Spied: Ford Focus Sedan

We're not entirely sure as to why Ford decided to have this kind of livery, but it sure does grab our attention and is a welcome change against the typical black and white camouflage. Looking closely at the sedan, we see that the new four-door Focus now sports production headlights as well as a new front bumper and grill.

Also gone are the false body panels, allowing us to get a glimpse of the Focus' new lines and body shape. Another notable feature seen on the sedan are the new F-shpaed taillights that flank the rear quarters and the larger trunk lid.

Spied: Ford Focus Sedan

Based on its size, the Focus Sedan appears to have been made longer and wider which could mean it will have better cabin space than its predecessor. Previous models of the Focus (both in hatch and sedan form) were not really known for having the best rear legroom. Here's to hoping that Ford have made the necessary changes for the fourth-generation Focus.

Expected powerplants to be available in the all-new Focus could include the carried-over EcoBoost engines from the current model like the 1.0-liter three-cylinder and 1.5-liter four-cylinder mills. Also, expect a new line of EcoBlue turbo-diesels to be available for the next-gen Focus.

Spied: Ford Focus Sedan

Aside from turbo-powered motors, the all-new Focus could also come with a plug-in hybrid version and an all-electric model.

The all-new Focus will apparently make its world debut some time in April in hatchback form. Meanwhile, the sedan version will follow suit months after.