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Spied: Ford testing next-gen Focus Wagon mule in the snow


Next-generation Ford Focus Wagon may become longer, wider

The Blue Oval brand appears to be busy testing the all-new Focus which is slated to arrive soon in global markets. Like previous generations, the Focus will be available in a variety of body styles. These include a 5-door and 3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan, as well as a wagon.

Our spies were able to chance upon what appears to be a test mule for the next-generation Focus Wagon. Based on the images, it looks like Ford used a current-gen Focus and extended the body by a few millimeters.


The design is still in its prototype stage as the rear section appears “melted”, particularly the roofline and third-row window. It also has a long rear overhang which may not be its final design.

Nicknamed 'Elvis' (as seen on the tailgate badge), this particular mule could be Ford's way of testing the new running gear, as well as see how big the next-gen Focus Wagon will be. Apart from the heavily modified rear, the front fascia also appears to get subtle tweaks like the seam running down the middle of the hood and cleaner-looking bumper.

All in all, the upcoming Ford Focus Wagon may become longer and wider than its predecessor.

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