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Spied: Has Ford started working on a mini Bronco prototype?


Ford hides upcoming crossover / 4x4 in a Fiesta test mule

Remember when Ford teased a baby off-roader last week that will debut alongside the Bronco? Well this may be our first look at it albeit in prototype form and wearing a Fiesta disguise. Despite Ford's efforts to hide it from prying eyes, it's clear that the car seen here is a test mule of sorts for a new crossover or mini 4x4.

However, we're not entirely sure if this is the mini Bronco Ford was talking about last week or if it will be a completely new model that will be sit alongside the EcoSport.


According to our spies, this particular prototype has a wider track than a standard Fiesta and comes with a longer wheelbase too. Another telltale sign that this is not a Fiesta is that it comes with five wheel nuts. Typically, the hatchback (and the EcoSport) only have four wheel nuts.

As for the chassis itself, the upcoming 4x4 may be based off an existing platform that benefits from several upgrades like better Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) deadening, improved rigidity and a lighter curb weight. Design-wise, we have no idea yet what it will look like since it's using the Fiesta as a temporary body.

In the event that this prototype is actually not the mini Bronco Ford was talking about, then this might be a Volkswagen T-ROC fighter which will make it different than the EcoSport. But with only so few details available, we'll have to wait and see further.

In any case, the upcoming crossover / 4x4 could see the light of day by 2020.

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