While the Volkswagen Touareg oddly gets shortened, it appears its little brother on the other hand receives the stretch treatment.

Last June 2016, Volkswagen rolled out the first test body of the long wheelbase (LWB) Tiguan. The company plans to introduce it to several markets including North / South America and Europe.

The longwheelbase Tiguan

Now, our spies have detected the new Volkswagen Tiguan making rounds without any semblance of camouflage whatsoever. At a glance, the LWB Tiguan gets the same styling cues from the standard model that was first revealed during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Rear quarter of the supposed LWB VW Tiguan

Apart from its seemingly streamlined grill and headlamp orientation, the new Tiguan appears slightly wider judging from the photos. Clearly seen from the side is the Tiguan's longer wheelbase and slightly extended third-row window which could further denote its three-row seating.

Rear of the LWB VW Tiguan

Chances are this configuration of the Tiguan will receive similar engine and transmission options that of the standard 5-door Tiguan. Currently available powertrain options for the 2016 Tiguan include the 1.4- and 2.0-liter TSI which can be had in two output ratings. Next is the 2.0 TDI which is also available in two different power ratings. Transmissions, on the other hand will either be a manual or dual-clutch gearbox.