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Spied: Hyundai's supersized SUV hits the streets again


Hyundai's full-sized, three row crossover still remains nameless

As the Philippines witnessed the arrival of the all-new Santa Fe during this year's Manila International Auto Show, Hyundai continues work on yet another crossover, and a larger one at that. A few months ago, our spies took photos of a full-sized, three row crossover from the company and they were able to take a new batch of pictures again. However, it still doesn't have a name but what is certain is the fact that it will offer three rows of seats.

From what is known so far, the yet to be named large crossover is likely to be the mechanical twin of the production Kia Telluride. The Telluride, which was shown as a concept during the 2016 North American International Auto Show, was aimed squarely at the American buying public. Like its sibling, the unnamed vehicle is going to be Hyundai's reattempt in full-sized SUVs with the first one being the Veracruz.


While the Telluride boasted a squared off exterior, these spy shots suggest that the Hyundai version will follow the company's current styling direction. The Kona and the all-new Santa Fe's new design appears to set the precedent as to what the crossover might look like. There is a pattern on the grill that is similar to the aforementioned crossovers, and the same goes for its lighting at the front. Composite lights on the bumper are complemented by a pair of slim LEDs by the corners of the hood.

Like the previous set of photos, there's not much to see at the back as it is still in the middle of development. However, it may follow the form of the Kia Telluride given the fact the will reportedly ride on the same platform. At the moment, details aren't the clearest, but our spies will definitely follow the development of this car.

Once it goes into production, the full-sized Hyundai crossover is set to go up against the likes of the Ford Explorer (with a new generation coming soon), Honda Pilot and Mazda CX-9. Our spies add that while a North American debut is a sure thing, there is no word if it will be offered to the rest of the world.

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