The premium midsize crossover segment is about to get even more crowded. During the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Infiniti arrived with an all-new concept called the QX50. It was built to preview the automaker's next-generation crossover that will feature self-driving tech, along with a new turbocharged engine with variable compression technology.

Now, our spies were able to take photographs of an actual production-ready QX50 being tested in Southern Europe. Based on the photos, it looks like Infiniti kept the concept look while slightly toning down the sharp angles and character lines.

Spied: Inifiniti QX50

The front fascia of the QX50 resembles the original concept with its eye-catching headlights and distinct front grill. The front bumper is heavily camouflaged but with a keen eye, one will notice that it gets a simpler design and has dual side air intakes too.

On to its side, it looks like the production QX50 loses the bulging character line from the concept version and has a more contemporary looking D-pillar. The original concept had a more striking D-pillar design which accentuated the crossover's profile and shape.  

Spied: Inifiniti QX50

Like the front fascia, the rear section of the QX50 more or less kept its concept look. The quarter flanking taillights, tailgate mounted spoiler and rear bumper design look almost the same. Different however, are the new round tailpipes which do not follow with the concept's original oval-shaped exhausts.

As mentioned earlier, it will supposedly be driven by Infiniti's new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that comes with variable compression tech (VC-Turbo). When driven spiritedly, it has a compression ratio of 8:1. If driven economically, the engine can adjust itself to 14:1. In the concept, the engine was rated at 272 PS along with 390 Nm of torque.

Spied: Inifiniti QX50

It is possible that Infiniti will officially reveal the QX50 in production form during this year's Frankfurt Motor Show in September.